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Welcome to Five Minute Zen. The mission is simple – to assist busy beings who may be preoccupied or overwhelmed while on their journey to balance, bliss and a healthy meal now and again. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, alleviate sorrow, find balance or improve the quality of your life through self care, we’re here to assist. Come on in, relax and find tips, tricks, recipes and so much more.

Danielle LaPorte  (affiliate link)

2015 Desire Map Day Planner

There are many reasons I love using the “Desire Map” planner. It encourages me to plan and live consciously, to focus on desired feelings rather than quantitative, do-or-die goals. It’s an excellent place for to record those moments when I’m feeling full and grateful, as well as notes about those potluck dinners, vacations and doctor appointments.

The Desire Map Collection

I listened to the “Desire Map” by Danielle LaPorte during my daily commute. Although she including classic reminders and ideas that I appreciated, she blew me away with her basic idea of living a life based on the feelings desired. The book is about living big and being fulfilled, every day. Originally, I was writing the questions presented and my answers in a journal that I record ideas, plans, bucket list plans and business ideas in. However, I finally ordered the workbooks and am having a ball. As we evolve so do our goals and ideas. It’s good to reevaluate and then reaffirm or adjust the sails

The Fire Starter Sessions

It was through “The Fire Starter Sessions” that I first became familiar with Danielle LaPorte’s work. Talk about powerful. I’m all about living life on my terms and helping others do the same. This book got me excited about life. Soulful and practical, it’s a great read.

Sark (affiliate link)

I first read SARK’s “Succulent Wild Woman” about 20 years ago and it completely changed my perspective. I came to embrace and even appreciate all my quirky imperfections through her colorful presentation and deep, yet fun ideas. I can’t even begin to count how many of her books I’ve bought to give to family, friends and clients in need. I love her books, workbooks and card deck. This year, I have my eye on one of her colorful blankets.

Succulent Wild Woman
By Sark