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Proof of Time

Lydia Aswolf:




Proof of Time


That’s how I obtain inner calm.

I earned my wrinkles.

Fought for my white hairs.

And the whole time…

The years were doing something.

Whipping up something within me.

Something I never could have foreseen.

A pinch of wisdom.

Sprinkles of calm.

A dollop of acceptance.

A good recipe.

Mixed well.

Kneaded steadily as the years flew by.

I rose to some challenges.

Fell in others.

And like a loaf of bread.

Eventually I proved true.

The important thing is this:

To improve a dish.

You must age it.

We are no different.

I embrace the inner peace only time can bring.

But I never forget.

It was time who hugged me first.


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Rock Star Zen Master Lydia Aswolf:

Lydia Aswolf is an ordained minister, intuitive counselor, and aspiring author who hosts Lydia's Literary Lowdown on She's a big fan of social media, and you can find her on Twitter, @LydiaAswolf, or Facebook, or check out her blog: