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Welcome to Five Minute Zen. The mission is simple – to assist busy beings who may be preoccupied or overwhelmed while on their journey to balance, bliss and a healthy meal now and again. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, alleviate sorrow, find balance or improve the quality of your life through self care, we’re here to assist. Come on in, relax and find tips, tricks, recipes and so much more.

Daydream for a Daily Dose of Zen

Daydream for a Daily Dose of Zen: Janice Frisch

Having a stressed day? Yep? Then it’s time to let loose and not be afraid to daydream. Yes, I said its ok to daydream. In fact daydreaming makes you smarter… and even better. ‘Visualization’ is a hallmark of a successful person they say, so relax and allow yourself that moment to creatively visualize your desires and dreams. We all create our existence through our thoughts so why not have fun with it! Creative visualization is a lot of fun and a great way to relax. I found a lot of inspiration in a book called ‘Creative Visualization” by Shakti Gawain… so keep on daydreaming:

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Janice Frisch is a dance and hiphop music producer who hails from the 'Wild West' of Canada. Her sound ranges from electronic dance to pop to hip-hop, blending various styles together to form a groundbreaking innovative sound. While starting out as a professional drummer at the age of 15 playing jazz as a guest artist, Janice soon found herself playing alternative rock, power-pop, college rock, grunge, and even alt-country before it became known as a genre in various popular bands in the 90's and began producing various other artists. Having garnered attention from other major artists and industry insiders Janice played shows throughout North America with such artists as The Ramones, The Violent Femmes, SNFU, Feist and They Might Be Giants. After a hiatus and a little nudging, Janice decided to return to music, but this time as a producer and arranger. "It's never too late for a musician to find themselves stylistically... I love to shake it in a dance club, so naturally I gravitated to electronic music before it was popular. Mixing hiphop in the sound just seemed to make so much sense somehow. Besides I'm not dead yet, twas just resting". Janice now calls Edmonton, Canada home; meanwhile, she has a following and continues attracting international label interests in Europe, Asia, South America, as well as Canada and the US. Find here at and